Leya at Copenhagen Games LAN

Little bit about me

Playing online multi-player games since 2005. I started with Quake 4 and Counter-Strike: Source. Quake 4 I played competitive, duels and team-deatchmatch mode.
In 2009 I started playing Team Fortress 2 where I got some nice results in European Teamfortress 2 League, Wireplay and Enemy Down league. After Team Fortress 2 I played many games but later on I got back to competitive playing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I had a nice run, gained lots of experience, played at Copenhagen games in 2013 for Virtus.pro female team. After that I had a 3 year break due to university and now I'm back in action.

Leya on Lucio


I'm playing Overwatch from May 2016.
Since March 2017 I represent team Sick City where I play on support position as in-game leader. I believe that hard work pays off, so I put all I can to daily practice on individual, team and shotcalling area. I love current work we put in practice with team and doing my best to perform as best as I can. There is nothing better than seeing progress of your own performance and team, reward that nobody can take away.

Leya at Copenhagen games LAN

Good memories

Through all this years I've collected lots of experience how to play in teams, how to organize things in team and next to that I also got a lot of memories that I love to share with people I'm surrounded with me, one of many thing is frag movie from Counter-Strike:Go times.

Watch frag video