Leya at Copenhagen Games LAN

Little bit about me

Playing online multi-player games since 2005. I started with Quake 4 and Counter-Strike: Source. Quake 4 I played competitively, mostly duels and team-deatchmatch mode.
In 2009 I started playing Team Fortress 2 where I achieved some nice results in European Team Fortress 2 League, Wireplay and Enemy Down league. After Team Fortress 2 I played lots of casual games but later on I got back into competitive playing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I had a nice run, gained lots of experience, played at Copenhagen games in 2013 for Virtus.pro female team. After that I took a 3 year break for university reasons and now I'm back in action since 2016 either as player (support - shotcaller) or coach in Overwatch.

Leya on Lucio


I was playing Overwatch from May 2016 to July 2017.
I managed and played for Team Core and Team Sick City. The role I played on was support as in-game leader (shotcaller). I believe that hard work pays off, so I've put all my time to daily practice on individual, team and shotcalling area. There is nothing better than seeing progress of your own performance and team, reward that nobody can take away. That is fun for me, puting work into improvement and seeing the improvement, engine that drives me further.

Most fun match of them all was with Team Core (Brokkie, Cyrus, Kevin, Kodak, snillo) taking Lijiang Tower: Garden round away from Dignitas in XtraCup, we were loosing 0 : 99 and came back to 100:99 on Garden. While tournament I enjoyed the most was Contender qualifiers #1 with Team Sick City, we achieved 17-32 place out of 442 teams. We were also 2nd on Overwatch Arena Season 2: Qualifier 5 and with that we qualified for finals of the season where we took 7-8th place.

I became free agent in July 2017 and decided to go full-time coaching. Before that I was part-time coaching whenever the opportunity arised. I enjoy every moment of it, it's very rewarding seeing team and individuals progress and winning tournament. On occasions I miss playing at higher level since I've been doing that for over 10 years now. So, if the right offer arrives or opportunity to build a team again I'd probably do it, they say 3rd time's a charm xD

Leya at Copenhagen games LAN

Good memories

Through all this years I've collected lots of experience how to play in teams, how to organize things in team and next to that I also got a lot of memories that I love to share with people I'm surrounded with, one of many thing is frag movie from Counter-Strike:Go times (it was originally published and edited in 2013 but B2k6 decided to take it off at some point so it lost all the 5k+ views and comments...

Watch frag video