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I finally got a bit more free time Very Happy
I'll be playing Overwatch from 24th May 2016 on,
just add me if you want to play few games together (I play support). Leya#2804

battlefield 3Today I tried Battlefield 3 BETA, it was nice to be in the game again after the ALPHA Trial. It is noticeable that they improved lots of things, added lots to Battlelog system, but still there is lots of bugs which all will hopefully be reported and the rest is on developers to do.
I still think the game will be awesome, graphics and sound are amazing and I look forward to the release day. I wonder how the single-player and co-op will be!

I all BETA testers to have fun and find all the bugs!

Related to upcoming game Battlefield 3, developed by DICE and published by EA.

Leya's status

Leya aka TroubleGirl is currently not playing competitively due to studies as that takes most of her free time away.

In last month she played:
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft,
Heroes of the Storm,
Battlefield 4