Finally evening free Very Happy
Yes, I'm still alive, more than ever before xD My recent project succeeded and there are many more incoming. I'm busy all the way till next year, my guess is I'll be busy during xmas holidays too haha. Need some sleep tho, zombie face on, no wonder people look strange at me /o\

Unfortunately there is no time for gaming, that's the only thing I miss at the moment. I played some Civilization V, month ago, but since then I simply don't have time. Although, the fact that I don't play any game at the moment, doesn't mean I don't stay up to date. Few days ago I was discussing Star Citizen space ships, we'll each buy a dogfighter before the Life Time Ensurance deadline expires. Can't wait for the game's next testing. No matter how busy I'll be, I'm taking time for that, that's for sure!

Leya's status

Leya aka TroubleGirl is currently playing only casually and not competitively due to studies and other obligations, which take most of her time.

In last month she played several indie games and alpha or beta tested a few as well. FTL, testing GD and PA and having a break from competitive FPS-ers.