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If you thought DICE forgot about destructible feature, you were wrong! Check out the video and you'll see the awesomeness of destruction in Battlefield 3. At official site they titled it:
"Unrivaled destruction. Say goodbye to campers.

The battlefield is destructible. This means you can annihilate buildings, demolish cover, and even shoot through walls to eliminate that guy crouching behind the third floor windowsill."

In past days I've seen many movies which show a lot of very good qualities of Battlefield 3, what you can do in game itself. Not only what you can do, but also how awesome it looks.

I can't wait to get my retail version home and put the box on shelve with other games which entertained me and I had fun in, I wonder if Battlefield 3 will become my favorite game for some time.
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Leya's status

Leya aka TroubleGirl is currently playing only casually and not competitively due to studies and other obligations, which take most of her free time.

In last month she played Divinity: Original Sin and Anomaly.